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Web Solutions:

Since the formation of our local web site for Fort William and Lochaber - - we have been developing web solutions for our customers.

With the interest in web camera's about two years ago, Julian Flux developed a successful and reliable system that has now been installed in five sites by the RSPB to upload images to the Internet.

The first of these systems were tested on various sites around the Fort William area, uploading images of Ben Nevis and Nevis Range to the popular web site which they have continued to do for over a year. Although the technology is straightforward the challenge was to produce a system working straight from the box – all the customer has to do is to connect it to their camera – and also one that continues to work reliably. Systems start from 789.00 + VAT fully configured without a camera. Email for details.

One of the recent projects for PS was to help McIntyre and Company, Solicitors and Estate Agents, to enable their property lists to be available on the Internet. This has to be quick to use for the already busy staff and had to also provide useful database facilities for the business. John says: " This solution uses a Microsoft Access Database as the main application and with several other background applications enables the staff at McIntyre and Company to put their database on the Web with the click of a few buttons." To see this database working go to

From the links below we have used developing technologies and implemented them in our and customers sites. Database are now a prerequisite as is e-commerce which will take the place of high cost retail establishments whilst selling earth wide.

Links to Web Sites implemented using the above technologies:

Many more links on