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The Beginning:

In 1989 PS Computer Systems was established to satisfy the growing local demand for the supply and maintenance of personal computers. Over the last five years the reputation of PS Computer Systems coupled with the exponential growth in the computing market has lead to an increase in demand for the products and services.

The Business:

PS Computer Systems now provide services for a wide range of businesses. These range from single user systems, through multi-user Doctors surgery’s installations, to manufacturing plants with many users. The provision of a ‘one stop’ type of support or IT management for hardware, operating systems and applications has proved a popular option for many businesses.

We have successfully developed a computer supply and support service for any PC based system. The customer base includes many of the local companies, both large and small, such as Alcan Power & Smelting UK, Arjo Wiggins, Doctor’s Surgery’s, Local Enterprise Companies and Small Business Owners.

The typical services provided is as follows:

  • Design and Installation of Microsoft Networks.
  • Supply and installation of custom assembled and pre-built computer systems.
  • Technical support for both multinational companies and single user systems.
  • Training in how to use the computer as well as the software on it.
  • Access database bespoke programming and design.
  • Web Services i.e.…Websites, storage space, Domain Name Registration, email and web forwarding.
  • Colour printing to fill the market gap between home user and printing company.
  • Image Scanning.

Call us now on 01397 700099 or Email and see what solutions we have for your business.